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THE NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has unveiled its Angler Access website, providing recreational fishers with thousands of locations across inland NSW where rivers, streams and lakes can be legally accessed for fishing.

CORAL trout is one of Queensland's most iconic species and the latest stock assessment estimates that stock levels are around 60 per cent.

SAD news for Alvey fans with the iconic Australian company announcing its closure.

ANDREW "Roy" Symonds' love of fishing was a secret to no one and once even offered to take a pay cut from Cricket Australia, if it meant more free time to fish.

A SUMMARY of policy responses from parties, provided by The Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation (ARFF).

THE Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW (RFA) has been active during the federal election, discussing the issues surrounding the Southern Fish Trawl off NSW.

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SYDNEY is a big city with a big population of keen fishos. Each week, thousands of these fishos hit the water in search of a diverse range of species and angling opportunities.

CATCH and release fishing is an increasingly popular practice among many anglers...

TROLLING may not be the most popular method of fishing, but as Greeny explains, with a little understanding, it’s highly effective.

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DR Jarod Lyon from the Arthur Rylah Institute and Paul Worsteling chat about "cracking the code" for Macquarie perch, and what it takes to breed and stock "Maccas" today.

JOSH Tredinnick documents his three-day solo adventure of hiking, camping and fly fishing in the Snowy Mountains High Country.

IN this video from OzFish unlimited, we learn about tilapia – introduced into Australia in the 1970s as ornamental fish and now a major threat to Australia's native biodiversity.