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LAST week Australia lost iconic fisho and Fishing World columnist, Bob Russo.

TOP End lure brand Reidy's Lures is now the owner of iconic fishing line brand Schneider Fishing Lines.

A BUSHFIRE recovery program led by Landcare Australia, delivered in partnership with OzFish Unlimited and Native Fish Australia (Victoria), will support initiatives to restore habitat for ten national priority threatened aquatic species.

THE Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) is conducting a survey to ask recreational fishers about their values and aspirations for recreational fishing in the Gippsland Lakes.

NSW DPI - Fisheries launches episode two of "The Fishing Stream", designed to deliver info and responsible fishing advice on one of our most popular sport and table fish, mulloway.

SPENCER Gulf locals say whiting stocks must not be affected by what the South Australian government hopes will be a "game-changing industry" in seaweed farming.

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LEARN how to reduce the amount of fish you keep by minimising waste when processing your catch.

AUSTRALIAN salmon are a fun fish to target in the surf over the cooler months and can be found around much of Southern Australia's coastline.

NSW DPI Fisheries goes into detail on the process of tagging fish for its Game Fish Tagging Program and why its so important to do it correctly.

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A DAY spent on a Hobie Revolution, exploring and fishing a tucked away part of the Cowan River in Sydney, Australia.

THIS short and informative video features Steve "Starlo" Starling explaining some handy tips on how to handle and release fish to maximise post-release survival.

FISHERIES Queensland explains some techniques to help reduce the effects of barotrauma on fish caught from deeper water.