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ALMOST 22 years ago in 1996 a 300 mm long Australian bass was tagged in Lake Somerset, Queensland. Recently it was recaptured in Lake Wivenhoe, also in Queensland, at a length of 450 mm.

IN an official "Stop the Lockout" announcement, the on water rally this weekend has been postponed. The organisers say this is due to "numerous factors beyond their control."

CONSTRUCTION of NSW's latest offshore artificial reef is underway on the far south coast of NSW in Merimbula Bay.

THE NSW Government has today committed that there will be no loss of fishing rights or access under the proposed marine park sites put forward...

THE consultation report arising from the trout strategy workshop meetings and on line survey held in NSW during May and June has been released.

FISHO'S environment editor John Newbery wonders whether we'd be better off accepting that European settlement has changed Australia's flora and fauna forever and take a more pragmatic approach to feral animal management.

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OVER the past five decades some of our east and south coast dams have become famous for producing trophy fish. We tell you how to cash in on the action.

BLUESPOT flathead are a favourite light tackle species for South Australian lure fishos.

GUMMY sharks are a great southern fish to catch and make fantastic eating. 

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IN this video, fly fisherman and historian Jack Kós delves into the New Zealand backcountry, and the archives, as he explores the introduction of brown trout to that country.

THIS video shows why fish passage is important and showcases the fishways constructed as part of a large project to remove barriers to fish passage in southeast Queensland.

ALEX Bellisimo tells how fishing turned his life around in a positive way and points out that the Sydney marine park proposal threatens to undermine the positive and important social impact of rec fishing.