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THE WA government has unveiled a $6 million package to support the state's recreational fishing industry.

FISHERIES Queensland says boat ramp activity increased significantly during COVID-19 home confinement and when fishing and boating for food was permitted.

NSW DPI Fisheries is holding a special live streaming event Friday, 14 August, to bring you snapper fishing tips and information from experts.

TO ease the pain of those who are not able to get out and wet a line, GoFish Nagambie has launched its Tonic GoFish Challenge.

THE orange roughy is a polarising fish. One side of the debate calls the orange roughy fishery “the posterchild of fishery mismanagement”. The other describes it as a “success story for Australian fisheries”. Who’s right?

AUSTRALIAN waterway cleaning charity Ocean Crusaders has launched its Crab Pot Float Fundraiser – where plastic bottle caps will be turned into hard plastic floats.

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LEARN how to reduce the amount of fish you keep by minimising waste when processing your catch.

AUSTRALIAN salmon are a fun fish to target in the surf over the cooler months and can be found around much of Southern Australia's coastline.

NSW DPI Fisheries goes into detail on the process of tagging fish for its Game Fish Tagging Program and why its so important to do it correctly.

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FISHERIES Queensland explains some techniques to help reduce the effects of barotrauma on fish caught from deeper water.

IN this video, Al McGlashan explains how the Halco Max 190 and 220 are catching some big southern bluefin tuna this season.

ORIGINS follows a group of fly anglers as they spend four days chasing an array of species and experience one of Australia’s most unique and beautiful flyfishing locations: Hinchinbrook Island.