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ABU Garcia's Revo line-up includes five spin reels - the MGX, Premier, SX, S and Inshore reels.

RECFISHWEST released 100,000 juvenile snapper into Cockburn Sound on the weekend under the Snapper Guardians program.

CHINESE New Year has proved to be lucky for two Darwin fishos who have reeled in the eighth $10,000 prize tagged barramundi in the NT Government’s Million Dollar Fish competition.

ROCK fishers in NSW will be forced to wear lifejackets under legislation announced today.

DISCOVER why anglers around the country are talking about the next generation of Revo spin reels from Abu Garcia.

MURRAY cod fingerlings were released into the River Murray on Tuesday in order to boost the population of the iconic species.

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WHILE small boat gamefishing isn’t anything new, a growing list of quality boats and specialised accessories is making more and more Aussie anglers discover its appeal.

IF you want to catch more fish, then you should consider downsizing your tackle, lines and leaders. The positives to fishing light tackle far outweigh the negatives.

AFTER 40 years spent trying to reinvent the wheel, GREG FINNEY discovers the traditional float fishing gear he used when he first started fishing still produces the goods when targeting blackfish off the rocks.

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IN PART 1 of this week's episode we experience the best of Sydney shore based fishing, targeting luderick from a Harbour rock platform.

IN this latest three-part episode of Fishing Journeys we firstly meet up with NSW south coast flathead fishing guru, Ian "Big E" Phillips, to target big lizards in his local estuary.

IN this latest three-part episode of Fishing Journeys we firstly head offshore on the NSW south coast to floatline for snapper - a very effective back to basics technique for catching a nice feed of reds.

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Pretty in pink

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New model, old favourite

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Quack quack!

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