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FISHING, 4x4 and camping enthusiasts will be in their element when the National 4x4 Outdoors Show, Fishing and Boating Expo returns to the Melbourne Showgrounds from this Friday, August 18 until Sunday, August 20.

ANSA returns to its birthplace to celebrate its 50th birthday at the Aussie Sportfisher Conference 2017 - and anglers everywhere are invited to attend!

KEN Smith and mates return to an old stomping ground on the banks of the Barwon River in NSW and find some encouraging signs of a recovery in our inland waters.

The NSW DPI has recently moved 200 Murray crayfish to a part of the Murray River where they have been in decline.

THE 2017 Dave Irvine Memorial Snapper Classic has been run and won earlier this month. Find out who won what.

THE Victorian Fisheries Authority is keen to find out more about why women fish - and about how to get more females into the pastime. Take this short survey and you could win a $100 voucher.

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WINTER is peak season on the Gold Coast with a vast range of estuary, inshore and offshore species worth targeting.

RECKON you're handy with the filleting knife? Check out this video of a warm-blooded opah being sliced and diced into seven different cuts of meat according to its texture and flavour.

FISHO'S Patrick Linehan has some down-to-earth tips for anglers wanting to experience the red hot fishing that Fiji has too offer.

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THIS week we travel to the NSW Central Coast and jump onboard Haven Sport Fishing Charters. Experienced skipper Scott Thorrington takes us offshore in his 34 foot Black Watch in search of kingfish, snapper and various other deepwater reef species.

THOMPSONS Creek Dam is located a few hours out of Sydney in Central West NSW and has a reputation for its trophy trout. But these trophy fish don't come easy.

IN this week's Fishing Journeys we take a different route and visit the garage of lure maker, Scott Anderson. Scott is the brains behind NutterJuck Lures

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