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NEW rules for recreational fishing of native fish in the Snowy River catchment are now in place in a move to further protect native species within the endangered ecological community (EEC).

FISHING for Perth metro pelagics is set for a breath of new life according to Recfishwest with the successful instalment of two steel reef towers in late December and mid January.

DEPUTY Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce is seeking criminal charges against seafood importers suspected of knowingly bringing diseased prawns into the country.

TODAY'S video features Hunter Bland and Conner Young of the University of Florida Bass Fishing Team getting ejected from their boat while running at about 57 mph (50 knots).

IN just its 9th year, the 2017 Central Coast Game Fishing Club’s Bluewater Classic has enjoyed continued success and growth.

A RECENT outbreak of the devastating white spot disease in prawn farms along the Logan River in the southern part of Moreton Bay has raised many questions regarding how the virus got into our country.

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THE thrill of hooking a solid blue-nose bream amidst the tangle of posts, racks and trays that make up a typical oyster lease is about as good as it gets for NSW-based estuary anglers.

KEN Smith takes a look at a couple of different ways to target the enigmatic silver perch in NSW dams.

SPRING and early summer is a great period to target trout in Australia’s mainland high country lakes.

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THIS week we travel to the NSW Central Coast and jump onboard Haven Sport Fishing Charters. Experienced skipper Scott Thorrington takes us offshore in his 34 foot Black Watch in search of kingfish, snapper and various other deepwater reef species.

THOMPSONS Creek Dam is located a few hours out of Sydney in Central West NSW and has a reputation for its trophy trout. But these trophy fish don't come easy.

IN this week's Fishing Journeys we take a different route and visit the garage of lure maker, Scott Anderson. Scott is the brains behind NutterJuck Lures

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