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THE 2019 Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide has been revamped and is now available from tackle stores across the state and via the Victorian Fisheries Authority website.

NSW Labor has released a policy to establish a Sydney marine park if it wins this Saturday's state election.

Native Fish Australia and the Victorian Fisheries Authority are pioneering new Macquarie perch production techniques that will make breeding them easier.

TACKLE Tactics is proud to announce that they have acquired the iconic Australian brand Platypus Fishing Lines.

KEEN freshwater fishers won't want to miss the Oven River Challenge. It is set to be held at Myrtleford on April 6 and 7.

IF you find it difficult to tell Murray cod and trout cod apart, you’re not alone! But, according to the Victorian Fisheries Authority, it's really important to learn to tell the difference. We tell you how!

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SAMI describes what lures you’ll need this season for some memorable topwater action.

JASE Andrews, host of the TV hit show All 4 Adventure, shares his insights on how to safely take your rig through water.

WE tell you all about the latest gear and techniques for putting more snapper in your net.

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FLY fishers from around the world have been astounded and charmed by the ultimate fly-fishing experience of sight-fishing for Brazil's fiercest fighting fish.

SHANE Chalker captured this inspiring underwater footage of some big flathead in Wallis Lake, NSW.

CHECK out the latest biosecurity awareness video.