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THE VHF marine radio network used by boaters along the NSW coastline is being extended, with work under way to upgrade coverage on the South Coast.

FISHING is better when the fish are biting, and Roebuck Bay, near Broome, shows what can be achieved through managing fish stocks to be healthy and abundant.

ACCORDING to a report via the Trapman Bermagui Facebook page a tagged southern bluefin tuna has been recaptured after an incredible 5368 days at liberty!

FISHING World's latest October 2019 edition features a full line-up of sport fishing information, tips, techniques, news, products and more.

THE Victorian Government has now made almost all public boat ramps in the state free as part of an election promise to make boating cheaper, easier and safer.

REGIONAL Victoria will host its first major boating event with the announcement of the Lake Eildon Boating & Fishing Show this spring.

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MAKE it easier to find the best fishing rod for your needs by understanding rod ratings.

RIGGING lures with single hooks has never been so popular, but are they really better than trebles?

CATCHING flathead on hard body lures is nothing new. In fact, Fishing World magazine has documented how to use hard body lures for flathead in-depth over many years.

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THE Built To Fish team from New Zealand have released some epic footage of striped marlin feeding on a baitball. This should get the heart racing in anticipation for the coming bluewater season!

CHECK out this vision of big tarpon crashing into schools of mullet along Ft Lauderdale Beach, Florida.

JOIN Nomad Design's Damon Olsen and Ben Currell from Vision Sportfishing in western Arnhemland for some incredible barra action!

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