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IN 2016 Steve Goodwin, captain of Panope based in the United States, took to testing anchors in variable sea beds in a quest to find the world’s best boat anchor.

After no less than 56 videos of more than 40 anchors tested, Steve had some very desirable comments on Anchor Right's Sarca Excel anchor.

In 2021, Steve has over one hundred videos with many more anchor designs tested, incorporating most the latest anchor designs the world has to offer.

Steve has again given the Sarca Excel top spot on anchor performance, quality of build, its ability to remain bedded in the change of tide, ability to penetrate many types of sea beds and many more.

Anchor Right Australia says its anchors are as good as it gets, now exporting anchors to a growing number of countries due to the exceptional performance of their products, expanding and employing more welders to cope with demand.

Anchor Right Australia has invented all of their product designs from the ground up, investing heavily in independent testing and certification.

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