C-MAP announces launch of new website for recreational boaters

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C-MAP has announced the launch of the new C-MAP website catered to recreational boaters.

The new website, www.c-map.com, features content covering the entire C-MAP range, is optimized for mobile devices – making it easier for consumers to find the chart they need via new location, chart or device compatibility searches. Consumers can search by MY AREA, which will show available charts in and around the consumer’s location or area of their choosing. Clicking on any of the charts in the search results provides a detailed product description of the chart. The new CHARTS search gives consumers an overview of different chart technologies available, along with an at-a-glance chart comparison guide.

One of the most significant features of the new site is the capability to filter a search by device compatibility, under DEVICES. This removes the hassle of chart comparison tables or conducting online searches about device compatibility, by providing a list of compatible chart options based on consumer chartplotter brand and model.

For more information: www.c-map.com

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