Fisho TV

This week's video is for all you 'flycurious' anglers out there. Self proclaimed flyfishing expert and funnyman, Hank Patterson, attempts to explain the idiosyncrasies of flyfishing to a group of dedicated bait anglers...

THIS week's video is Part 2 of the hilarious 'Hank Patterson and the baitfishers' series. It delves deeper into the differences between baitfishers and flyfishers. Which one are you?

It's not everyday a buffalo charges your boat...but it happened to Luke Pearce. We have the video proof!

THIS video proves that the Shoalhaven artificial reef is holding heaps of fish - and it's well in range of the average seaworthy tinnie. What are you waiting for?

IN our video this week we travel with US guide Jonathon Jones to the fish-filled flats of Cuba.

IN Guatemala there is a unique conservation effort underway to preserve stocks of Pacific sailfish at healthy levels and support a growing fishing tourism industry in the area.

TODAY'S video comes from remote Kimberleys fishing guides, Northbound Charters, who recently had a brush with a 5m plus saltwater crocodile.

TODAY'S video comes from Baja, Mexico and features underwater footage of a natural event that only happens every few years, the "striped marlin baitball phenomenon".

TODAY'S video features a hippo nudging a fishing tinny and giving a few fishos the fright of their life!

TODAY'S video comes from Recfishwest and offers a few very simple tips on beach fishing for Salmon in WA.

TODAY'S video is a quick trailer for a new video on how to catch big impoundment barra.

TODAY'S video comes from Bay and Basin Sports Fishing's Brett Richards and shows Brett's kids having a load of fun catching and releasing flathead in St Georges Basin.

TODAY'S video features sharks targeting the large mullet schools that are currently running up the NSW coastline.

TODAY'S video features interviews and action with a couple of everglades tarpon guides and showcases how the single pursuit of a particular species can make you go a little crazy!

TODAY'S video comes from Fisheries WA and features drone footage of sharks attacking salmon as they make their annual run up the coast.