Fisho TV

TODAY'S video comes from Recfishwest and offers a few very simple tips on beach fishing for Salmon in WA.

TODAY'S video is a quick trailer for a new video on how to catch big impoundment barra.

TODAY'S video comes from Bay and Basin Sports Fishing's Brett Richards and shows Brett's kids having a load of fun catching and releasing flathead in St Georges Basin.

TODAY'S video features sharks targeting the large mullet schools that are currently running up the NSW coastline.

TODAY'S video features interviews and action with a couple of everglades tarpon guides and showcases how the single pursuit of a particular species can make you go a little crazy!

TODAY'S video comes from Fisheries WA and features drone footage of sharks attacking salmon as they make their annual run up the coast.

TODAY'S video features Tackle Tactics Pro Angler Sue Wells getting stuck into the dolphinfish on Fish Inc. Lures Wing sinking stickbaits.

TODAY'S video comes from the Game Fishing Association of Australia and shows how game fishing benefits science, sustainability, management and community.

TODAY'S video features some highlights from the Tiwi Island's Fishing Guide Apprentice program. The program is a joint initiative from the Hayden Reynolds Tiwi College Project and the Tiwi Land Council.

TODAY'S video comes from NSW DPI and features some footage from the shark detection drones currently in use on Redhead Beach near Newcastle, NSW.

TODAY'S video features some tips from Ryan Moody about how to use a baitcasting outfit and results in a big black jewfish on the light overhead setup.

TODAY'S video is Episode 3 of Shimano's The Truth About Fishing series and features Chris "Fez" Henry focusing on Saratoga.

TODAY'S video is a quick one from NSW DPI and features tips on how to carefully release big dusky flathead to ensure a good survival rate and plenty more big breeding females for the future.

TODAY'S video comes from NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and features some recent footage from drones being used to detect dangerous sharks on the NSW Far North Coast.

TODAY'S video comes from the Discovery Channel and highlights how sharks – and great white sharks in particular – are attracted to death metal music.