See a wide selection of fishing videos below from Australia and around the world.

Video: Fly Ties

LAST summer a group of long time fly fishing mates travelled to the New South Wales Snowy Mountains to fish for trout.

Video: Tumut Trout

TIM'S great "trip" video evokes the adventure feel of trout fishing in the NSW high country ... oh, and there's also cool drone footage!

Video: Gold Coast Yak Bream

FISHING the canal systems on the Gold Coast is a way of life for many Queensland fishos who target bream, jacks, flatties and more...

Video: Flats fishing for kings

AN exciting new sportfishing option has opened up in New Zealand's South Island where fly anglers are sight casting to big kingfish on crystal clear sand flats.

Video: Lure Addicts - South Coast Friday afternoon offshore

AS you'll see in this latest video, the fellas from Lure definitely know one of the best ways to spend a Friday afternoon.

Video: Cod Convention

ACCORDING to Robbiefishing, Murray cod fishing can be very hit and miss. In this kayak fishing video it's more on the "hit" side of things...

Video: Geobass Season 2 - Peacock bass

IN the exciting Season 2 launch of Geobass, the intrepid crew head to Brazil to search for one of the world's most spectacular and aggressive sportfish...

Video: Papuan black bass fishing

THE mighty black bass that inhabit the wild rivers of Papua New Guinea are renowned in sportfishing circles as being, pound for pound, one of the toughest fish with fins!

Video: Underwater footage of SBT school

ASHLEY Smith of Arno Bay Fishing sent us this video featuring amazing underwater footage of a school of southern bluefin tuna hanging under the boat and chasing surface lures.

Video: Fishing Journeys teaser

HERE'S a short teaser for Fishing World's long anticipated upcoming FREE online TV series - Fishing Journeys.

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Being prepared - I owe it all to the Aussies!

Martin is about to spend a fortnight in the Himalayan jungle hunting these impressive looking golden mahseer - one of the toughest fighting freshwater fish in the world.

I'M right in the middle of another "fish frenzy" in preparation for my first ever trip to the Himalayas to try and catch both golden and chocolate mahseer. The dining room table is a mass of lures, braid and various items of luggage...