Fisho TV

TODAY'S video is another how-to from Shimano and in this episode Chris Wright gives us some tips on fishing plastics for flathead. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video highlights exactly how to look after your tuna after you've caught it and is a must see for anyone who intends to take a tuna home to eat this season. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video comes from Shimano's How-To series and in this instalment Carl Jocumsem details how to rig and fish the Spanyid Sniper Vibes. Enjoy!

RAPALA has released it's film, "The Search," a brand vignette, today in honour of its 80th Anniversary. Inspired by the passion that drives every fisherman or woman, it tells the story of our obsession.

TODAY'S video comes from Jarvis Walker and outlines techniques for catching squid in deeper and offshore areas up to 20m. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video is a trailer for a new fishing documentary that explores the details of one fish, the luderick or blackfish, and how catching it relates to history, family, the depression and the beautiful east coast of Australia. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video from the ABC is a spoof of the Jaws movies starring Barnaby Joyce and the European carp. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video comes from Jarvis Walker and provides specialist jigging techniques from a professional kingfish jigging operation. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video is another from the Jarvis Walker How-To series and today it covers everything you need to know about crabbing for mud crabs and blue swimmers. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video features a mum and a bub that go fishing together and is a special one for the mums ahead of Mother's Day this weekend. Enjoy!

TODAY's video comes from Shimano and features US Bass pro angler Carl Jocumsen as he goes into great detail about how to fish the Squidgies Pro Prawn paddle tail. Enjoy!

TODAY's video shows how Sydney Water have been naturalising the Cooks river. Enjoy!

TODAY's video shows longtail tuna being caught from the beach using a drone to fly the bait out. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video features bait fishing tips from Jarvis Walker. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video is a time lapse that shows the various stages of a fish decomposing. Warning: graphic content. Enjoy!