See a wide selection of fishing videos below from Australia and around the world.

Video: One week in Winter 2015 - Sydney Fly Fishing Tours

THIS latest video produced by Sydney sport and fly fishing guide Justin Duggan highlights some of the quality sportfishing on offer during winter in Australia's largest city.

Video: The Bass Experience - Part 1 & 2

IN this special two-part video from Shimano Australia, keen angler Sam Tabacaru explores some out of the way northern NSW streams by canoe in search of big Aussie bass.

Video: Morning Tide Fishing - The Landing!

THIS latest extreme land-based fishing video from Morning Tide Fishing clearly demonstrates that some rock ledges are easier to land fish from than others.

Video: Cod fishing on the Severn

THIS video posted on Youtube by the Keepin' it Reel crew features the Severn River in the NSW New England region...

Video: Billfish teasing & hookups

IN this latest video from fishing guide Jono Shales of Exmouth Fly Fishing, Czech fly fisher girl Katka Svagrova casts flies to black marlin and sailfish...

Video: Exmouth 2015

As the video highlights, the prolific waters off Exmouth provide exciting light tackle game fishing opportunities for the likes of sailfish, marlin, dolphinfish...

Video: Snapper & humpback whales

THE fellas from had an amazing experience when they went fishing for snapper off the NSW south coast recently and had their attention diverted by some much bigger...

Video: Fish That Snag - Winter on Hervey Bay

WINTER might be here but when you fish a prolific location like Hervey Bay there's still a huge variety of sportfish species on offer!

Video: Jigging for kings -

IN this latest video from the boys head offshore on the NSW south coast to jig for yellowtail kings.

Video: Saratoga in motion

THIS neat video put together by Ben Godfrey of krank productions features amazing slow motion footage of aggro saratoga

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