See a wide selection of fishing videos below from Australia and around the world.

Video: Papuan black bass fishing

THE mighty black bass that inhabit the wild rivers of Papua New Guinea are renowned in sportfishing circles as being, pound for pound, one of the toughest fish with fins!

Video: Underwater footage of SBT school

ASHLEY Smith of Arno Bay Fishing sent us this video featuring amazing underwater footage of a school of southern bluefin tuna hanging under the boat and chasing surface lures.

Video: Fishing Journeys teaser

HERE'S a short teaser for Fishing World's long anticipated upcoming FREE online TV series - Fishing Journeys.

Video: The Kook!

WE'VE all got that mate who calls his bream for a tailor... or maybe a bonito hook up for a tuna...

Video: Chasing skinny water bass

THIS neat little video from Bent Visuals, follows a group of young fishos as they walk into a lush valley to lure fish a small creek for wild bass...

Video: Sydney Harbour Fly-Over

FOOTAGE shot during a fun fly fishing session in Sydney Harbour, Saturday February 14 - a particularly scenic morning with mega cruise ships and pleasure boats sharing the busy harbour with trailer fishing boats...

Video: Underwater samsons

THIS video comes from Ashley Smith of Arno Bay Fishing Adventures in South Oz who has been putting clients on to some good samson fish action in recent times...

Video: Fish that snag - Bye Bye 2014

THE boys from Fish That Snag said goodbye to 2014 with some productive lure fishing sessions for bread and butter species in the prolific waters of Queensland's Hervey Bay...

Video: The Shark!

THIS latest video from the Morning Tide Fishing crew features more typically wild rock spinning action, plus the added extreme of sharks...

Video: Marlin Madness

THE marlin season has been in full swing along the east coast from Queensland right down to the NSW South Coast and boaties have been making the most of it!

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Being prepared - I owe it all to the Aussies!

Martin is about to spend a fortnight in the Himalayan jungle hunting these impressive looking golden mahseer - one of the toughest fighting freshwater fish in the world.

I'M right in the middle of another "fish frenzy" in preparation for my first ever trip to the Himalayas to try and catch both golden and chocolate mahseer. The dining room table is a mass of lures, braid and various items of luggage...