Fisho TV

TODAY'S video comes from Nathan Bajada and features a 76kg yellowfin tuna and its mate hitting the spread as Nathan, Fisho and co trolled out wide off Sydney.

TODAY'S video features a huge bigeye tuna caught while jigging with spin gear off Oregon Inlet, part of North Carolina's famous outer banks.

TODAY'S video comes from the Hook Line and Sinker TV show and features Nick Duigan ripping Andrew Hart's toenail off with a pair of pliers. A good reminder of why wading for trout in thongs is not a good idea...

TODAY'S video comes from Shimano and is the second episode of the Truth About Fishing Series. This episode follows Chris Henry as he outlines what he loves about GT fishing.

TODAY'S video features the annual migration of giant spider crabs as they make their way up on the sandy shallows of Port Phillip Bay each winter.

TODAY'S video comes from those crazy folk over in the US and features a custom built groper rod being snapped by a huge groper. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video is from the US and features a hilarious string of hooked and lost amberjack. They throw everything they have at these fish and lose a string of jigs plus destroy a top of the line jigging rod and reel. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video details how to use radar to find birds. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video is a quick one from Halco showing how to rig soft plastics using the new Madeyes Paddle Prawn to demonstrate. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video comes from Keep Australia Fishing and features some advice on lockouts from fisheries scientist and renowned rec fisho Dr Julian Pepperell. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video features some stunning aerial shots of impoundment barra captured from a drone. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video features a behemoth yellowfin tuna caught on a popper in Ascension Island. Apparently it's the biggest yellowfin tuna ever caught on a popper at 280lb. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video is a film about the giant rainbow trout of Patagonia’s fabled Jurassic Lake. This desolate and wind swept lake is undoubtedly home to the largest trout on the planet. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video is a really quick one showing drone footage of where the brown water of the Mississippi river hits the cobalt blue of the Gulf of Mexico. Courtesy of Marlin magazine. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video is another how-to from Shimano and in this episode Chris Wright gives us some tips on fishing plastics for flathead. Enjoy!