Fisho TV

TODAY'S video comes from Shimano and brilliantly sums up why Aussies love barramundi fishing. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video comes from NSW Fisheries and highlights the importance of "woody" structure for estuary fish. This video shows how important snags are to fish like bream, estuary perch, jewfish and luderick. Enjoy!

TODAY's video shows the deployment of the artificial reef system off Mandurah in WA courtesy of RecFishWest. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video comes from Fin-Nor and features some baitfishing tips for Sydney Harbour's yellowtail kingfish. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video features a sailfish getting lifted clear of the water by an attack from a mako shark. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video is a nicely shot short film from Gus Kennedy of ASK Designs about rock fishing for blackfish in the Royal National Park just south of Sydney. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video features a fired up blue marlin that decides to charge the boat and almost wipes out the decky. But, like a true professional, the decky stays cool and gets a tag shot away. The only question left is, did he get the tag in? Enjoy!

TODAY'S video features a duel between a drone and a Halco Roosta Popper. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video features an estimated 1100lb blue marlin released off the Gold Coast last week. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video, narrated by Stephen Fry, comes from the Norfolk region of England and features the region's world famous chalk streams. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video is a trailer for a new film from highly talented fisho and filmmaker Jako Lucas. His latest film, Chanos Chanos is about the enigmatic milkfish.

TODAY's video commemorates the extraordinary life of Halco owner and legendary game fisherman, Neil Patrick, who was entered into the IGFA Hall of Fame in 2015.

GUATEMALA is known as the sailfish capital of the world and for good reason. Last year, Billfish Report named Guatemala as the 4th best billfishery in the world, and this they are saying it's probably the best season ever.

TODAY'S video features some insane footage of the Florida mullet run. Enjoy!

TODAY'S video is a quick one from Shimano that highlights some of the advantages of Shore based fishing over boat fishing, particularly for bread and butter species in shallow water. Enjoy!