Fisho TV

TODAY'S video is a quick one that features a marlin telling a shark to mind its own business!

TODAY'S video comes from Capt Jack Productions and features sea run brown trout in the Rio Grande in Argentina's Tierra del Fuego region.

TODAY'S video features an in depth look at the spawning habits of Murray cod and highlights why catch and release fishing with lures in spring time can be detrimental to spawning cod.

TODAY'S video comes from Rod Mackenzie and features a 100lb river-caught Murray cod taken on a big diving lure with the Wilson Venom rod.

TODAY'S video comes from Rod Mackenzie and features some tips on fishing spinnerbaits for Murray cod.

NOVEMBER is prime time to visit Hervey Bay and chase the run of black marlin which visit the bay each year.

TODAY'S video comes from Bikini Dave Gregory and features some reel screaming action on tuna and mackerel in the NT.

TODAY'S video comes from Ryan Moody and he's got some handy tips on how to catch giant trevally in Northern Queensland, including where to find them and how to target them.

TODAY'S video comes from Fisheries Victoria and details how the Snobs Creek Murray cod hatchery works moving from the breeding stage right through to when fishos catch them in the lakes and rivers of Victoria.

TODAY'S video comes from the Victory Knives Facebook page and features a masterclass on how to fillet snapper, kings and a few other species from New Zealand.

TODAY'S video is a quick one from Kekoa Sportfishing and features an 800lb black marlin caught on a wet and windy day on the Great Barrier Reef.

TODAY'S video comes from Mick Fletoridis and features Mick and Dave Longin on a trout fishing trip to Lake Tantangara in the Snowy Mountains.

TODAY'S video comes from Nomad Sportfishing and features some stunning footage of a recent exploratory trip to the far north of the Great Barrier Reef.

TODAY'S video is a quick one featuring drone footage of the annual mullet run off the coast of Florida. If you've never seen the mullet run before this video is well worth checking out!

TODAY'S video comes from our favourite over-the-top American YouTubers, BlacktipH Fishing. In today's video they spot Manta Rays off Cape Canaveral, Florida and catch the cobia lurking beneath them.