Fisho TV

EDITOR Scott Thomas was at the AFTA tackle trade show over the weekend and shot this short video about the latest 16" HDS Carbon unit. It's an impressive piece of kit!

A BARRAMUNDI angler has captured some remarkable drone footage of a massive crocodile swimming along with a dead cow in its jaws.

FISHING WORLD editor Scott Thomas recently picked up the new Fisho project boat. Here's a short clip they filmed last week during the maiden voyage.

MATTHEW Hansen from OzFish tells us about a project that aims to increase populations of native fish by improving the health of the riparian zone.

THIS video brings us some cool underwater footage of carp, golden perch and Murray cod in their natural habitat of Australia's inland rivers.

IN today's video, we join Korean angler Jung-Hoon Park who is taking fishing way back to the 1700s. He shows us how to use a gyeonji—a 300-year-old traditional Korean fishing pole.

IN this video from the USA, Captain Jeff takes a light-hearted look at the world's largest sportfishing trade show, iCast, and the kinds of people who attend...the "iCast guys".

CARTER Andrews says he has no choice but to go out there and catch everything that swims. Great production values make this clip well worth a look.

This neat little video shows Curtis Waterman catching an awesome mulloway on a soft plastic from his kayak.

THIS week's video is a trailer for the stunning documentary Bluefin, which explores the fate of the bluefin tuna in North America.

THIS week's video is about a backpack trip that two keen fly anglers took into the Snowy Mountains to target brown and rainbow trout.

THIS video shows some American anglers catching fish from the third story balcony at their hotel. There is some pretty impressive lure casting on display.

IN this video Team Side Effect hooks up to a massive swordfish 80km offshore of the coast of Victoria.

This week's video is for all you 'flycurious' anglers out there. Self proclaimed flyfishing expert and funnyman, Hank Patterson, attempts to explain the idiosyncrasies of flyfishing to a group of dedicated bait anglers...