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CATCHING southern black bream on lures and soft plastics is not always easy. Brent Hodges outlines some tactics to help you out.

THE thrill of hooking a solid blue-nose bream amidst the tangle of posts, racks and trays that make up a typical oyster lease is about as good as it gets for NSW-based estuary anglers.

KEN Smith takes a look at a couple of different ways to target the enigmatic silver perch in NSW dams.

SPRING and early summer is a great period to target trout in Australia’s mainland high country lakes.

AFTER completing some 20 trips to Cape York, both East and West Coasts, Ian "Big E" Phillips thought it was time to undertake his “fishing trip of a lifetime”.

ALMOST all braided fishing lines are made using Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibres.

WITH the summer holidays looming, now’s the time to start planning a fishy escape. Ben Caddaye outlines the angling options along southern NSW’s Eurobodalla coast.

FOR the uninitiated, the pursuit of Australian bass can be something of a realm of the unknown. Luckily, Dave Rae is here to help you out!

WHILE targeting snapper in shallow water is great light tackle fun, the trophy-sized specimens are out in deeper water. Jamie Crawford explains how to catch them.

SNAPPER are a prime target for just about all Aussie anglers. Jamie Crawford provides how-to info to help you catch more of these great sport and eating fish.

LEARNING how to troll effectively is a key skill all flathead specialists need to master. David Green has spent decades refining the art of trolling for lizards and passes on some of his hard-earned know

LIKE most family blokes, Sydney-based Adam Freeland doesn’t have as much time as he’d like when it comes to fishing. So he’s worked out some easy techniques to maximise his time on the water chasing the ever-popular tailor.

LOBSTER aficionado Dave Rae explains how to catch lobsters and has even put together a step-by-step guide to making your own lobster trap.

MOST anglers from the northern half of the country just don’t understand the obsession southerners have with gummy sharks. This article by Jack Monkiewicz helps put the sportfishing appeal of gummies into perspective.

WITH the cooling of inshore coastal waters comes the altering of many fish habits and behaviours. Sydney-based fly and sportfishing guide JUSTIN DUGGAN offers a few approaches to help keep your rods bent this winter.