New products

NEW to the Infinite range from Samurai is a longer fishing rod option for flats anglers and anyone looking for a little more casting distance for flighty fish.

IF you're looking for a fine, well built wire trace with a difference then Halco’s new single strand wire traces could be the answer.

THE Reaction Series of rods continues to hold a special place at the top of the Samurai line-up, so the manufacturers have introduced two new rods to the range.

SAMURAI Rod Belts are designed to make it easy to transport multiple rods without the hassle of trying to carry multiple individual outfits.

SAMURAI have turned their attention back to squid or Egi rods...check out the results.

SHIMANO'S 2019 Grappler series are the next generation of offshore JDM rods, equipped to battle with the largest offshore predators.

ACCORDING to manufacturers, the SLV Series of fly reels offer a quality, stylish, lightweight and feature packed fly reel that provides anglers excellent value for money.

ADD flash and vibration to your 10X Tough ZMan ElaZtech plastic presentation in seconds with ZMan TRD SpinZ!

THE Gulp Twin Tail is a minnow profile with a set of twin tails that flutter and swim at any speed.

SHIMANO’S RockJerk casts like a bullet thanks to its 35 g weight and the exclusive AR-C Casting System.

THE SplashDrone 3+ all-weather, all-purpose waterproof drone comes with a 4K camera and a payload release function. It is, according to the manufacturers, the most advanced waterproof drone ever released.

SAFETY takes priority when it comes to the RCD Retractable Line Scissors from Rapala.

THIS knife conveniently folds in half to safely secure and protect the hand-ground stainless steel blade when not in use.

THIS new device is designed to leave you two hands free to unhook and dispatch your catch.

THE new Distance Surf Arena surf reel from Okuma is designed for casting distance and handling big fish.