New products

SOFT vibes are a deadly lure for flathead and jewies and Berkley has just released its new Fork Tail variation of the popular Shimma Shad.

THE continuous evolution of the Stradic range provides anglers with a new level of fishing performance.

THE Zerek Awake is a double-jointed swimbait measuring 160 mm and weighing an easy casting 42 g.

ANGLERS who love the Zerek Fish Trap will be excited to hear that seven new colours have arrived.

THE Zerek Absolute Shrimp is a clever addition to the shrimp family of Zerek lures.

THE 2019 release of the Majorcraft Giant Killing Big Game features major changes to the range with new rod lengths added plus, updated cosmetics.

THE colour range of the popular BassDay SugaPen lures has recently been expanded with two new variations added.

THE Bassday Bun sub-surface wake bait is the latest addition to the expanding range of Bassday lures in Australia.

THE Solpara X range of rods comprises two line ups, the Egi rods and the shore spin rods.

ACCORDING to the manufacturers, there has never before been such a high-end and comprehensive range of jogging rods as the 2019 release of the Giant Killing Jigging rods.

NEW to the Infinite range from Samurai is a longer fishing rod option for flats anglers and anyone looking for a little more casting distance for flighty fish.

IF you're looking for a fine, well built wire trace with a difference then Halco’s new single strand wire traces could be the answer.

THE Reaction Series of rods continues to hold a special place at the top of the Samurai line-up, so the manufacturers have introduced two new rods to the range.

SAMURAI Rod Belts are designed to make it easy to transport multiple rods without the hassle of trying to carry multiple individual outfits.

SAMURAI have turned their attention back to squid or Egi rods...check out the results.