New products

THE Okuma Komodo SS Series of baitcast reels is designed to take on species such as barramundi, Murray cod, Papua New Guinea black bass and offshore jigging targets

MARITIME shades of blues are the dominant colours that characterise the new “Navy Camouflage” collection by Victorinox. The maritime theme showcases some of the brand’s most popular products from small to large in true nautical style.

THE Atomic Hardz Slappa is a 90 mm surface crawler designed to make maximum disturbance on the water.

THE Bassday Backfire was originally designed for black porgy on Lake Hamana in Shizuoka, Japan, but it has proven itself in Australian conditions already. Like the SugaPen, it is sure to be a favourite for keen anglers.

THE new Rapala BC400 is an all-round oversized bait cast reel, suitable for casting large swimbaits for Murray cod and barramundi, or slow pitch jigging reefs for demersal species.

THE Samson range includes surface and sub surface lures from 15 g through to 150 g that have already proved successful in catching tailor, Australian salmon, GTs, kingfish and big tuna.

THE Bone HoverJet brings together two topwater concepts in the one lure.

ACCORDING to the manufacturers, the next generation Gomoku jigging rods are now better than ever before!

THE Bone Focus 130 is a multi-tow point glide bait that is an ideal size for many fish throughout Australia.

THE Zerek Affinity is a 220 mm long, 3-jointed floating swimbait originally designed for large bass and pike, but built to accommodate the brutality of Murray cod and barramundi.

THE VS305 vacuum sealer has earned a reputation as a firm fisher’s favourite

THE PaL+ is a 3-in-1 power bank, flashlight and folding knife from Nebo that conveniently fits in your pocket, purse or briefcase.

FIN-NOR Offshore Spinning Reels are heavy-duty machines built for frontline battles with the toughest fish in the sea.

ACCORDING to the manufacturers, the Rovex Big Boss Series III Spinning Reels pack all the punch of high-end spinning reels at an unbeatable price.

THE ARMOR3 is an amazing new flashlight/work light from Nebo that, according to the manufacturers, is indestructible, waterproof and best of all it floats.