New products

TACKLE Tactics are bringing Aussie fishos over 60 years of legendary lure making history with the launch of Bagley hard bodies in Australia.

BIGFISH Gear floating fish grips are perfect for safe handling of fish of all sizes. They are constructed of heavy duty moulded floating plastic that is lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant.

SAMAKI’S Marlin Tee suits the decky in all of us, the passion for being on the water day in and day out with the added comfort of a sleek soft fabric that keeps you cool, dry and protected.

SYNONYMOUS with the offshore fishing game, Williamson embarks on a new inclusion into the game fishing market, introducing the Soft Game Tremor.

RAPALA'S latest release is the Tail Dancer Shad, which is designed to bring the enticing tail action of the Original Tail Dancer, to a shorter shad shaped profile more suited to Australian native species like bass and yellowbelly.

ZEREK Hy-Braid is a translucent braid that is visible outside the water and has a decreased visibility inside the water.

FOR the mobile angler who is travelling light, and doesn't wont to carry bulky equipment, these purpose designed Jig Cases keep all your short or long jigs in order and at the ready.

THE latest innovation from Shimano’s tool range offers two highly spec’d multipurpose pliers. The Advanced and Power pliers have all the features required for anglers to utilise while fishing braided lure outfits.

SLOW jigging in the salt continues to grow in popularity and Shimano says its new Rock Hopper “Inchiku”-style jigs will be just the ticket for species like snapper, pearl perch, coral trout, red emperor, kingfish, samsonfish and cobia.

RAPALA is extending its line of Husky Magnum trolling lures by introducing the Husky Magnum 25, a larger version of the Husky Magnum 15 that dives to 7.5m and can be trolled at speeds exceeding 12 knots.

SAMAKI’S newly launched tool range extends from solid hardware to functional and practical appliances.

NOMAD Design says the Dartwing concept was created to mimic skipping baitfish, and entice any predatory fish to strike.

BIGFISH Gear says its Repel gear is so effective at repelling mosquitoes and other biting insects that it's not just limited to angling pursuits which is why it created the BFG Outdoors unique Bush Camo pattern.

SCIENTIFIC Anglers (SA) announces the Amplitude series of fly lines — the first fly lines in the world to include the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive.

ON sale in newsagents around the country, NAFA has Australia-wide fishing coverage, as well as a “flip-over” NAFA’S Outdoors magazine with its own cover.