New products

FOLLOWING on from the success of the Storm R.I.P Shad, Storm releases the new R.I.P Curl which Storm says will appeal to big predatory fish.

ZMAN says the popularity and effectiveness of the ZMan 4” StreakZ Curly TailZ in both the fresh and salt has led to the development of the larger 5” StreakZ Curly TailZ profile.

SHIMANO'S Ocea Spouter looks pretty much like your standard cup faced surface popper, but an internal chamber behind the face squirts a rooster tail of spray out behind the lure’s head as it is swept through the water.

THE Patriarch spin series is super lightweight for easy all day fishing while still punching above its weight class in performance and durability.

AUSTRALIAN sunglass brand Mako Eyewear is continuing its trend of making stylish polarised sunnies with its latest release, the Ronin, which Mako says was developed because most fishos these days want to look good as well as spot fish.

WILSON’S 7’11” 2-piece Venom Stickbait rods are built on the Venom patented hi-modulus blank, coupled with Fuji Silicone K-Frame guides to give exceptional casting performance.

DIGITAL Snapper’s fast, sleek, chromed up, metallic appearance means business!

STORM’S latest addition to the Mojo range, the Mojo Nero, features a classic stealthy black cosmetic around a range of four high performance spinning rods.

FOR 2017 Rapala introduces a completely new range of tools for anglers and the flagship of the new Rapala Custom Design Series, are the RCD Mag Spring Pliers.

STORM has just released a new, downsized version of the SX Soft Vibe that it says is perfect for native Australian species like bass and yellowbelly.

RAPALA has re-released the X-Rap Sub-Walk, with new sizes, improved colours and new rigging.

TORO Tamer’s new Hollow Core Super Braid can be spliced, served and glued for 100% connections.

ATOMIC says its new Arrowz series of rods integrates the most advanced designs with the finest materials including Fuji components and full-graphite blanks.

SPORTING a sleek black exterior and enhanced cosmetic features the Black Hawk 2 has a slimline spool design plus new drag knob details.