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LAST year we saw the release of children’s book, The Claw, where hungry fisherman Mr. Beerbellio tried to catch crabs for his lunch. Well, he’s back, and hungrier than ever in the sequel to be released on the 1st September 2021.

The sequel, The Incredible Claw, written by Karen Witt, and illustrated by Aaron Pocock, is published by Goatopia Publishing. It’s the second book in a trilogy about a crab on a mission to stop a greedy fisherman from catching all the crabs in the bay!

The Claw Books are a fun adventure series that explore themes around difference, acceptance, self-worth and teamwork. After losing one of his nippers, Clive – an Australian mud crab, needs to find the strength to save his fellow crabs from the grip of greedy fisherman Mr. Beerbellio! Gaining new friends along the way, Clive constantly out manoeuvres Mr. Beerbellio, despite his persistence.

The Claw Books are rhyming books, with colourful illustrations and a progressive plot, aimed at children aged between 3 and 8 years of age. Author, Karen Witt, was inspired to write The Claw Books after many crabbing trips on Brisbane Water on the Central Coast of NSW.

“With these books, I wanted to create a story that was fun and engaging for both adults and children,” Karen said.

“As someone who has grown up by the sea, The Claw Book series is really fitting for me. I love crabs and I love the ocean! The ocean has so much to share with, and teach us, and I want to encourage children to explore these wonders.”

The Claw Books are certainly one for families to enjoy! The encounters between the fisherman and the crabs are loaded with suspense, and finding Salty the starfish throughout the book adds extra entertainment value for the kids! The Claw Books are wonderfully illustrated and loaded with colour.

There are also educational elements within The Claw Books as readers learn that crabs “throw” their nippers when they’re frightened. The series hosts both mud and blue swimmer crabs as loveable characters at the mercy of hungry fisherman, Mr Norman Beerbellio!

The Claw and The Incredible Claw are both available in hardcover online at where you can instantly download free activity and fact sheets about crabs, and also pick up some character soft toys.

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Update: Fishing World recently ran a competition giving away three copies of the The Incredible Claw children's book.
The lucky winners were: Ben Johnston, Shane Geffen and Charli Hilton

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