Hobie Polarised Sightmaster Glasses

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OVER many years yellow lenses have gained a cult like following, especially with trout anglers fishing in low light conditions. So, what is so great about “Sightmaster” lenses? They enhance contrast, depth perception and block blue light. Blue light, with its shorter wavelength, scatters easier than other colors and makes focusing on objects difficult. Removing blue light improves sharpness and depth perception plus reduces eye fatigue.

These lenses are not just for fishing! They are perfectly suited for MTB or mountain biking, Stand Up Paddle boarding and many other water sports in overcast, hazy and foggy conditions, perfect for low light, mornings, evenings and shaded conditions.

Hobie has a range of models that use the Sightmaster Lens including Pico, Baja, Mojo and Sandcut

Check out the range at www.hobiepolarized.com.au

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