New products

THE Zerek Jet Popper 130 brings a range of unique and user friendly features to a popper size and style that will appeal to many fish.

THE Quantum Smoke S3 is available in four sizes for targeting premium sport fish in estuary, inshore and freshwater habitats.

AFTER feedback from anglers, new larger sizes have been added to range of Atomic Metalz vibes.

THE Zerek Maniac Vibe's unique front-weighted design enables excellent casting distance, fast sinking and the ability for the lure to "stand up" on the bottom.

OKUMA brings affordability to high end heavy plastics, popping and stickbait rods, without sacrificing quality, with the release of the Pressure Point rod range.

THE refreshing blue colours of the new Jarvis Walker Men’s Short Sleeve Polo Shirts will see Aussie men looking smart and Aussie wives relieved to be tossing out hubby’s old fishing rags.

DO you want to troll fast and deep but using line classes that still allows you to enjoy the fight rather than drag the fish in on heavy gear? The new Laser Pro 190XDD “Crazy Deep” bib may be the answer.

JARVIS Walker Odyssey overhead reels provide strength and reliability at an affordable price.

IF you love the sound of a reel screaming in agony as line pours off the spool, then Halco Tackle has developed a great lure for you in the Max 220.

MONSTER fish demand tough reels with large line capacities and the Quantum Monster PT Baitcasters deliver these features.

THE new Hobie Polarised Sightmaster Glasses are not just for fishing!

ZEREK has released an airtight range of storage trays to keep your tackle in the best shape possible.

ANGLERS are bound to love how the new Storm 360 GT Coastal Trick Tail soft jerk bait works the water.

THE new Storm 360GT Coastal Shrimp offers anglers a deadly life like prawn presentation.

THE New Rapala RCD 4” Mag Spring Split Ring Pliers offer easy-to-use single-handed operation.