Jarvis Walker Bullseye X Reels

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THE development of the new Bullseye X spinning reel range adds a light-tackle dimension to the Jarvis Walker stable.

These reduced-weight reels boast an aluminium body and spool in addition to a high-strength carbon rotor. The design also features ported elements to reduce weight and deliver a modern and streamlined aesthetic. According to the manufacturers, the Bullseye X strikes the perfect balance between strength, weight, style and performance.

Bullseye X spinning reels also feature machined CNC handles and EVA handle grips for smooth and flawless cranking. The reinforced, line-friendly bail wire also provides strength and enhanced line management.

Internally, the Bullseye X is packed with six stainless steel ball bearings and an infinite anti-reverse bearing for smoothness. The reels are also equipped with a fibre-reinforced FRS drag system that enables the powerful drag settings that are essential for fishing with light braided lines.

The Bullseye X range also includes a low profile and lightweight baitcaster reel that features 4 ball bearings, an infinite anti-reverse bearing, anodised aluminium spool, alloy handle, multi-disc drag system and a 6.2:1 gear ratio.

The new Bullseye X reel range should find favour with light tackle sports anglers seeking lightweight reels for casting soft plastics and lures. 

For more information visit www.jarviswalker.com.au


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