New Bassday SugaPen 120 colours

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THE Bassday SugaPen 120 is a must have surface lure for all locations. You can use them on the flats up north or even in the bays and estuaries where they are a deadly kingfish lure further south. The action on this lure is so good that its even used for XOS flathead and whiting.

The colour range is expanding with three new colours available bringing the range up to twelve. The new colours have been specifically chosen for Australian conditions and will apply all across the country.

The MT-76 comes with a holographic effect on the underbelly and an orange top. The FC-284 is a semi-transparent gold colour all over. The MH-16 is a classic pilchard pattern with a pink chin.

The SugaPen 120 uses a high quality plastic construction that casts well.

Floating | 120mm | 19.5g

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