Shimano Brenious Risewalk

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shimano brenious rise walk

A Japanese lure that was developed in collaboration between Japan and Australia, the Brenious Risewalk combines the best features of a stickbait and a popper.

Weighing just 5g and measuring 65mm in length — therefore perfect for finesse surface fishing presentations in both estuaries and freshwater — the Brenious Risewalk has a slim profile, but sports an oversize lip. This, combined with a special ‘spouting’ bubble chamber gives it a unique action. Slight rod work produces an enticing splash and pop, while a more energetic approach creates a walk-the-dog action with plenty of fizz.

Fitted with chemically sharp trebles and sturdy split rings, the Brenious Risewalk is available in six colours hand-picked to suit the Australian market. They’re also competitively priced for a Japanese-designed lure.

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