X-Braid Finesse Shangrilla

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X-BRAID delivers Olltollos, the finesse range of the XBraid line up by YGK, offering you the latest technology from Japan, the largest braid manufacturer in the world .

Finesse Shangrilla has been developed to bring you an ultra-tight pitch that creates a perfectly rounded profile enabling precise casting accuracy when fishing at pontoons, along oyster racks or timber structure.

Olltolos Finesse Shangrilla features an ultra-hard coating to ensure maximum abrasion resistance which in turn aids in eliminating wind knots. All these features are important and due to its ultra-thin diameter you have an asset which makes it the ultimate in finesse braid ever to be released in the Australian market.

Shangrilla is available in PE0.5 and PE0.6 each in 100m spools and of multi colour design.

For more information: www.xbraidygk.com.au

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