ZMan 3.5 inch Pro CrawZ

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ZMAN says overwhelming demand has seen the addition of the ZMan 3.5 inch Pro CrawZ, equipping anglers with an upsized version of the popular TRD CrawZ. The bulked up ElaZtech claws are super-buoyant to float up at rest, displaying a crayfish's natural defensive posture. Anatomical realism includes a tucked under tail, bulbous crayfish eyes and natural swimmerets for secondary elements of underwater animation.

ZMan says it'll be a dynamite presentation for yellowbelly, Murray cod, barramundi, mangrove jack, flathead and snapper.

The 3.5 inch Pro CrawZ can be jighead rigged or run as a trailer on a spinnerbait, chatterBait or skirted jig.

Available in 4 colours, with 3 per pack.

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