New products

SAMAKI Vibelicious has brought a new colour to the lure market: the Midori Mullet.

MUSTAD has released a new series of travel and storage bags

Samurai's new Traveling Cruisers are three-piece 5’9” travel rods available in two weight ranges in both spin and casting configurations.

The Smoke 65 is a new deep diving hard-bodied from Balista.

THE Giant Ruby crankbait is a beefed up cousin of the Ruby Crank.

SAMURAI has released a new series of Osprey all-rounder boat rods with user friendly actions and a wide weight range, perfect for any offshore boat style fishing.

GAMAKATSU introduces three new versions of the popular Sabiki Rigs for catching live bait.

THE Zerek Live Mullet is a soft plastic jointed swimbait that is available in three sizes.

FROGLEYS Offshore has announced two new colours to the versatile Bungy Cast range, the C-264 and CT-287.

TAKING in the revolutionary design features of the original Flat Shad, the Flat Shad Pro comes with a series of innovations to make these lures even more amazing.

SAMAKI has gone deeper into the practical tooling and accessory market with the Magnetic Release Clip.

THESE new circle hooks from Gamakatsu are designed to tackle the toughest fish in the sea.

THE Bone Combat Beast series of rods, as the name suggests, are designed to take on the biggest predators fishing can throw at you.

The lightweight Samaki Barra Shirt fabric is perfect for outdoor activities.

WILSON Ezy-Cast nets have been designed specifically to cater for Australian anglers' needs.