New products

THE Samaki Egi Inked squid rod stretches 8’6” in length, which is absolutely perfect for long lifts or wacky whips...

THE arrival of the Wilson Large Lure Wrap has allowed lovers of big lures to keep themselves, their lures and their rods safe from the rigours of travel on the water and during transport.

THE Berkley Shimma Shad’s paddle tail means it's working on the hop and on the drop.

THE well known Sol name has re-entered the baitcaster realm with the release of the TD Sol SV TW baitcaster reel.

The NedlockZ jighead from TT Lures is the basis of a popular finesse rig in the is now being requested by Aussie anglers for applications on local waters.

ZMAN'S new creature bait has plenty of moving parts and has already accounted for a stack of species in both the fresh and salt.

‘ET’S Ultimate Fishing Adventures’ features over 90 of Andrew Ettingshausen’s favourite fishing destinations with hundreds of his wonderful images, essential tips and background stories of adventure.

New book ‘The Catch’ explores the history of Fishing in Australia and what the future holds.

BFG’s new Super Breathe range of shirts are have lightweight moisture wicking body panels with large “super breathe” mesh inserts that combine to make a cool, sun protective outdoor garment.

The lightweight Samaki Dusky Flathead Fishing Shirt is perfect for those who love the outdoors.

THE popular and successful Zerek Tango Shad has had 5 new colours added to its 50mm, floating range.

The new Spartan PS series from Victorinox boasts a high-end look to go with its functionality...and it's now available in Australia.

SAKU announces the release of the all new Saku Stickdog...perfect for pelagics.

SAMAKI Vibelicious has brought a new colour to the lure market: the Midori Mullet.