A first look at the Southern Sydney "JD Reef".

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NSW's latest and Australia's largest offshore artificial reef was completed off Sydney this month to create the Southern Sydney "JD Reef". Thirty-six enormous concrete artificial reef modules each weighing 25 tonnes and standing up to 8 metres high were safely lowered to the seafloor approximately 2.5 km south east of the Port Hacking in 30 metres of water. While the reef modules provide the building blocks, the ocean and prevailing currents will do the rest, proving a steady stream of new fish residents overtime as the reef matures. This new reef will inevitably become an amazing fishing destination off Southern Sydney with its easy accessibility from both the Port Hacking and Port Botany.

Central point of northern reef cluster: 34 05.660 S 151 10.658 E
Central point of southern reef cluster: 34 05.936 S 151 10.438 E

Here's a short ROV video of the newly installed modules - they won't look like this for long!

For more information, click HERE. 

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