Trying to explain the attraction of a day on the water enjoying the great outdoors chasing a few fish can be a challenging task. When catching up with friends, acquaintances or business colleagues, conversation inevitably leads to fishing. I can never recall exactly how the conversation drifts; it’s as though fishing is this significant mass with a gravitational force that’s too strong to resist and eventually draws all conversation towards it!

Without doubt however there is usually someone that nonchalantly shoots a few bullets into my enthused state with those fateful words...but “it’s just fishing”.

If it really as trivial as the “just fishing” comment  suggests, then footy is just a simple game, the Melbourne cup is just a horse race and for the girls who make that comment, shoes and handbags are just pieces of cloth and tanned hide (say’s Sami as he runs for cover!)It’s more than just fishing and to everyone that share’s a consuming passion, I maintain that their passion is “more than just” also.

Every photo tells a story, every story is supported by countless memories and experiences - it’s more than just fishing. 

A day on the water helps strength relationships between friends and family. Some of my best memories are of time spent with my parents, friends and strangers that have become good mates – many of those memories share a common piscatorial thread. Fishing trips and memories of past adventures are more than just a tale of fins and scales; behind every trip there is a story that encompasses numerous and varied experiences. Each story is often recounted with enthusiasm and joy, even those that contain tales of woe.

Time spent in the great outdoors provides an escape from the daily grind – our magnificent countryside provides a sense of freedom and facilitates an active lifestyle that you can’t quite reach through social networking or time spent inside a house or office. 

How do you explain the feeling you get when walking through the salty haze along a pristine surf beach during a balmy summer’s afternoon, or the thrill and breathtaking natural beauty experienced when trekking into an unspoiled mountain stream during a crisp autumn morning? What about the freedom and electric feeling of excitement when you’re in a boat on the water, travelling towards the horizon as the predawn light emerges and brightens what will undoubtedly be a glorious day. The memories accompanying these trips don’t end once back on dry land and don’t commence once a line is in the water. It’s too difficult to explain to people that don’t understand yet nothing needs to be said to those that do; it’s more than just fishing.

What do you think – is it more than just fishing? 

If the missus thinks that it’s “just a fishing trip” which can be delayed or missed then chances are that you’ll have to fight a strategic battle. How do you explain it to your partner or friends and how to you manage to get away?

Samo Fishing  

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