• Pic: Mick Fletoridis
    Pic: Mick Fletoridis

LUNCHTIME during a busy working week presents opportunities for activities that stimulate the senses and rejuvenate the mind. Some people love going to the gym or running a few miles, however, going to the gym with a thousand other punters kind of feels like the classic hamster caught up in the proverbial wheel - no one on the treadmill appears happy.

Rather than burn a few calories in the gym, lunchtime fishing recons are my latest activity of choice. And if you too work near a waterway, have access to Google maps (or similar), have some fuel in your car and a pair of walking shoes, you also have the basics for a decent lunchtime reconnaissance mission.

My old mate Arthur would occasionally offer a few life lessons, one of which was a pearler. Fish for a few hours after work to “avoid that darned traffic, mate” Arthur would say. Arthur was a master of fishing recon and would spend his twilight working days wandering about the foreshores of Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River enjoying some great late afternoon fishing while the rest of Sydney’s workforce were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Truth be known, Arthur would probably be out fishing regardless of the traffic!

Armed with a few ideas and some satellite imagery, I’ve spent some time recently undertaking a few recon missions. Some locations have confirmed my suspicions about difficult access or that the spot isn’t as fishy as first thought; however, every now and then you come across a hidden gem that ticks all the boxes, matches a vague description of a hotspot some cagey chap has let slip, or better still you find a kindred spirit plugging away who is happy to share some information.

It’s tough to catch fish sitting at home or in the office, so in the absence of a great mate giving you the good oil on a hotspot, a little fishing reconnaissance is sometimes worth the effort. Give it a go, you might be surprised at what you uncover.

Anyone got any interesting stories about recon missions to share?

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