FISHING writers often live in a world of their own; without casting (no pun intended) any aspersions and blowing any trumpets, writers are an eclectic mix with some "interesting" idiosyncrasies!

The ability to fish, photograph and write is not necessarily a recipe for successful online or print fishing content, however. Having said that, it's not often that those who subscribe to magazines, buy the odd publication to read on the loo, or trudge through the glut of internet based fishing material, provide feedback on what they want to see or read about.

So what is it that you really want? Are the stories you read in magazines like Fisho informative, entertaining or just a way of passing time on the bus, train or "throne"?
Are you after articles with high levels of detail about technique and rigging, or do you like entertaining yarns that make you want to pack the gear and head out for a day on the water - or a mix of both? Do you want more photos and less text or stories crammed with detail to the Nth degree?

I love my fishing, enjoy taking photos and often have fun putting a story together, but some days it's a chore. Other days are a pleasure but the output is always something that I imagine a reader might enjoy. A story I write is my perception on what might work when printed, however, and the beauty of a forum such as this (or an email to the editor) is that it provides a great way of giving feedback.

My blogs sometimes meander along a seemingly meaningless route (Ed: really Sami?) – blogs are an interesting beast which I don't think should always follow the: "I caught a six pound fish on four pound line and I am awesome," path; who knows if that's right or wrong?

Are more "political" blogs informative or would you much rather have root canal treatment? I think the answer to that last question might depend on how much happy gas the dentist is willing to dish out!

Is there anything in particular that you'd like to see in print or discussed? Let us know - we're interested to hear your feedback and ideas on what you really want to see in fishing magazines or online?

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