• Illustration: Chris Palatsides
    Illustration: Chris Palatsides

AS came to light last week, Fishing World's May edition featured the Melville Special knot in our monthly Knots & Rigs column. Unfortunately, due to a communication issue we included an incorrect illustration with the column, which was originally pointed out to us by the guys at Sydney's Otto's tackle shop.

While we did try to correct the error (see HERE) somehow something again got lost in translation ... basically, we'd stuffed up by asking gun illustrator Chris Paltisides to draw up a second incorrect illo of this apparently great knot!

Anyway, after a bit of toing and froing between the man who'd first showed us the knot, Warren "Wazza" Smith, from his base on Melville Island in the NT, editor Jim Harnwell and illo man CP down south, we think we now have it right! Apologies again to all for any inconvenience...

Check out the latest (and final) revised illustration of the Melville Special knot here.

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