Darwin fisho killed by airborne mackerel

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A leaping Spanish mackerel. Image: Sami Omari

A 56-year-old man has died after being struck in the chest by an airborne Spanish mackerel.

Northern Territory Police say the man had been fishing with family and friends on Darwin Harbour last Friday when he was "struck in his chest by a large fish which launched itself into the boat".

Local angler James Crane said he believed the fish was an 18-kilogram mackerel – a species of fish well known for its razor-sharp teeth and high-speed, airborne feeding behaviour. 

Spanish mackerel have razor-sharp teeth and are well known for their airborne feeding behaviour. Image: Patrick Linehan 

"From reports, it was like an 18-kilo mackerel, so it would have been a big fish that speared right into this guy and caused major blunt [force] trauma," Crane said.

Police say the group immediately made their way to Cullen Bay "where they were met by police and paramedics who administered CPR".

Police say the man died at Cullen Bay.

"This appears to be a freak incident which is hugely distressing for the people in the boat and other family and friends of the man," Northern Territory Police said.

"Police ask that their privacy be respected and as such will not be providing further comment."

Source: ABC News


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