MUSTAD has added a radical new Triple Grip treble to its Australian Ultra Point treble range.

The Mustad Ultra Point Elite Triple Grip treble was designed by the world's No.1 ranked angler and Mustad USA pro-staffer, Kevin VanDam, and was credited as the hook that made it possible for him to win the 2010 BassMaster Classic.

The new Elite Triple Grip Trebles (Ref No. TG76NP-BN) combine the holding features of Triple Grip trebles with the sharpness and strength of Ultra Point chemically sharpened points. They feature a special wide bend and power angle point that makes it virtually impossible for fish to throw the hook.

An important part of the hook design is a 2X short shank that helps avoid treble interlocking and allows anglers to use a hook one or two sizes larger, providing a wider gape and greatly increasing hookups.

The new treble is rated 1X strong and equipped with a forged bend. It will be suitable for many saltwater and freshwater species including barramundi, flathead, mulloway, Murray cod, kingfish, salmon and tuna. The sleek, smooth black nickel finish enhances penetration. They are available in sizes 1 through 6.

The KVD Elite Triple Grips are available now at leading tackle stores.

Trade inquiries: All states (except WA) L.Wilson & Co, Tel (07) 3890 2288. Email

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