THE NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) is running special fishing workshops for Asian women and their families in western Sydney to help educate the community about fishing safely and responsibly.

NSW DPI Community Relations Manager, George Mannah, said the workshops teach the importance of safe, responsible and sustainable fishing to people from a non-English speaking background.

"These workshops are run by NSW DPI fishing experts and Fishcare volunteers for members of the Asian community in western Sydney, in partnership with Asian Women at Work, the Metro Migrant Resource Centre, Surf Lifesaving Australia and the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW," he said.

"We had almost 200 attendees at the first workshop and we're expecting the same again for the next one this weekend, including women, men, children and grandparents from Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian and Malaysian backgrounds.

"Fishing is a passion that crosses language barriers and cultural boundaries and wetting a line is a healthy, relaxing and family friendly activity for all Australians.

"Our Asian communities are high-risk for fishing and swimming incidents and we believe that education is the best way to ensure that all Australians, no matter what their language or cultural background, can enjoy fishing in a safe and sustainable way.

"The workshops teach fishing safety with an emphasis on rock fishing, rules and regulations, responsible fishing and conservation, as well as rigging, casting, and baiting.

"Fishing rods, tackle, fishing guides and further information on safety will be provided in various languages for all participants."

Co-ordinator for Asian Women at Work, Lina Cabaero, said the fishing workshops are one activity in a broad engagement and education program developed for Asian women and their families in the Sydney area.

The second workshop will take place on 3rd June at Lake Woodcroft, Woodcroft (near Blacktown) from 9:30am to 3:30pm. The first was held on 27th May at Peter Depena Reserve, Dolls Point (near Sans Souci).

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