GALLERY: Exmouth, WA

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EXMOUTH has been on my bucket list for a long time; the crystal clear water and shallow reefy sand flats of this northwestern peninsula are very appealing for a keen sportfisher. Mix in the possibility of hooking some hard fighting pelagics and demersal species and you have a fishy utopia!

 One fish I have been eager to catch in Exmouth is a spangled emperor. These fish look impressive, go hard and taste great! Thankfully, I was able to tick one of these fish off the list pretty quickly once meeting with (temporary) local, Josh Finlayson.

Josh with a hard fighting spangled emperor caught on a Storm So-Run Minnow. Josh prefers small sinking stickbaits for “spangos”.

Spangled emperor also share the same hunting grounds as many types of trevally and demersal species such as coral trout.

Small GTs are also very common as well as golden and gold spot varieties which patrol the flats inside the reefs edge.

The eastern side or gulf side of the Exmouth Peninsula is also very productive for trevally and queenfish.

 There’s no doubt Exmouth is full of marine life with world class light tackle landbased fishing right through to heavy tackle gamefishing. A must for Aussie fishos!


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