GL2 - now designed for Aussie fishing

G-LOOMIS has always been synomonous with quality fishing rods designed and built for chosen styles, purpose and species.

Recognising the need for a more defined and dedicated range of rods outside the US, Shimano Australia and employee Chris Cleaver, in conjunction with G-Loomis, have created the new GL2 range specifically for Australian conditions and fishing styles.

The first rod developed was the GL2 8500L ESP which won Best Rod of Show at the AFTA 2011 show.

Being a dedicated bream tournament angler Cleaver applied his knowledge and experiences with G-Loomis's engineers to develop a dedicated Bream all-rounder to suit most lure fishing applications.

Building a rod for several styles of fishing has always been seen as an insurmountable task that requires compromise, G-Loomis and Shimano Australia believe they have created the ultimate estuary lure fishing weapon. The rod is built with the unique GL2 graphite, which is crisp, while still forgiving for the harsh Australian environment, and finished with a deep earthy maroon metallic paint for a sleek look.

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