Invertebrate collecting bust at Swansea

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NSW DPI Fisheries officers from the Greater Metropolitan Mobile Squad patrolling the rock platforms around Swansea last Sunday located a group of people collecting intertidal invertebrates.

The group of six offenders were found in joint possession of 273 molluscs. Turban snails and other molluscs have a combined bag and possession limit of 20 per person in NSW with a valid Recreational Fishing Fee Receipt. Fisheries officers also located a prohibited size abalone, prohibited size turban snails and an octopus taken from an ocean facing rock platform within the bags.

Outside of Aquatic Reserves and Intertidal Protected Areas the collection of intertidal invertebrates is permitted on NSW rock platforms, although state bag limits must be adhered to. Fisheries officers seized the excess molluscs, octopus and prohibited size invertebrates.

Information on bag and size limits, as well as the location of Aquatic Reserves and Intertidal Protected Areas can be found on the FishSmart App and the NSW DPI website.

To report illegal fishing activity call Fishers Watch on 1800 043 536 or report it online at:

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