New fishing show “Tackle Box Talks” to launch

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Host and ARFF manager Adam Martin.

THE launch of a new weekly online fishing show is expected to attract listeners from around the nation and the world.

“Tackle Box Talks” will premiere this Friday at 7pm (AEDT) and is the product of the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation’s (ARFF) Tackle Box Project – a dedicated citizen science program for Aussie fishers.

The 25-minute program will be live-streamed on the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation’s Facebook page.

Hosted by ARFF manager Adam Martin, the show is designed to meet the needs of Aussie fishers who are already engaging in or have a strong interest in issues such as citizen science, fish habitat, water quality, stewardship, fisheries and water management.

“Tackle Box Talks is absolutely a first of its kind to acknowledge and explore the bigger issues that affect fishers and our industry, so we plan to fill that existing void with targeted content and guest speakers who are specialists in their field, so listeners can have their questions answered during our Q&A session.

“As the peak body for Australia’s recreational fishers, we know the types of conversations happening right now in local fishing groups and on the water in every part of the country, so we have created a platform where people can go to be better informed and to drive the content in real time,” Martin said.

The first episode of Tackle Box Talks will feature one of Australia’s most recognised fishing authors, presenter, pioneer in lure development and self-described “agent of change” in fisheries management – Frank Prokop.

Prokop will explore the aspirations of recreational fishers, the need for fishing to be regarded as a social experience along with the economic value of “improved fishing experiences”- factors which he believes should be the main driver behind fisheries management.

“I’m going to introduce the concept and explain the meaning of recreational fishing as a means of measuring ‘maximum experiential yield’ and challenge the long-held misconception by government that they are in the business of managing fish instead of people,” Prokop said.

“I’m looking forward to engaging with listeners on this program which I think is a long overdue nod to Australia’s fishers who have an extraordinary and sophisticated level of understanding about the many facets and benefits which our sport delivers.

“It is so important that we keep these bigger conversations going to empower, educate and recruit the next generation of anglers," Prokop added.

To listen to the first episode of Tackle Box Talks this Friday at 7pm (AEDT) and to submit questions people are encouraged to log on to the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation’s Facebook page.

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