IN the May edition of Fishing World magazine the Knots & Rigs column looks at the Melville Special knot. Unfortunately, due to a communication issue we included an incorrect illustration with the column. Thanks to the guys at Otto's tackle shop in Sydney for raising this issue.

The illustration in the May edition was actually of a modified Albright special knot, which has proven to be a reliable connection during on the water testing over a number of months. However, the guys at Otto's found that when using a specific brand of fluorocarbon leader material that the connection would slip when subjected to heavy loads on a line testing machine.

It's recommended that you load test any new knots when using fluorocarbon leader material prior to fishing with them. The Ducknose knot has also been found to suffer this problem when using certain brands of fluorocarbon leader material.

Check out the revised illustration of the Melville Special knot HERE.

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