Portland pipi poachers poorer

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There are strict regulations governing the harvesting of pipis.

THE Victorian Fisheries Authority say they know most people do the right thing, which is why they are so disappointed that their Portland Fisheries Officers recently found two men with 60 kg of pipis near Discovery Bay earlier this year.

They were driving an all-terrain vehicle, dressed in wetsuits and in possession of their illegal catch along with fishing nets. 

At the time, they claimed they were fishing for a commercial fisherman, however this was later formally denied.

Fisheries officers seized the pipis, nets and vehicle on the spot. 

Both men were found guilty in the Portland Magistrates Court earlier this month of taking fish (pipis) for sale and using commercial fishing equipment without authority.

The pair were convicted and fined $2,000 each, plus costs.

Remember, if you see or suspect illegal fishing, call the 24-hour line 13FISH (133474). Even if officiers can’t attend the scene straight away, the information helps plan future patrols and operations.

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