Recfish SA: Sensible outcome for state's recreational snapper fishers

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Snapper have a chequered history in South Australia. Image: Scott Thomas

RECFISH SA has congratulated Minister Basham in responding positively to concerns from the state's recreational fishing sector about inequitable access to snapper in the South-East. This follows an announcement by Recfish SA last week, that revealed South Australia's commercial operators would be allowed to fish for snapper during the closed season.

Recfish SA said in a media release, Minister Basham's decision to open up recreational fishing in line with commercial fishing is a step in the right direction in achieving equitability in the snapper fishery.

"The publicity behind this issue has revealed that many recreational fishers are concerned about the science behind the decision to open up fishing in the South-East and would like the government to invest more into research."

"We encourage Minister Basham to maintain strong and timely communications with RecFish SA and the broader recreational fishing sector to improve the management of our fisheries and facilitate certainty for the state's 277,000 fishers."

RecFish SA says it will soon release its election manifesto entitled "Fish Now Fish Forever" which will detail more goals to be achieved for South Australia’s recreational fishing sector.

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