• Image: Adam Royter
    Image: Adam Royter

FOR over 20 years Doug Phillips has been the person I've looked to for fishing eyewear.

Being able to see through the sun's glare reflected off the waters' surface is a seemingly easy thing for most sunglass companies to pull off in this day and age - lens, polarising film, frame, done! Well, that's how it was over 20 years ago when no one really knew what the hell they were looking at (or through for that matter).

Nowadays, the market is a little tighter packed! So how do you combat the over abundance of optical grade lenses out there and bring something to the table that's not only different but a few steps ahead? Well,you go see what Doug's playing with, that's how!

After perfecting one of the most popular lenses in the country – the Penetrator – Doug was hungry for more ... a lot more. He established Tonic Eyewear in order to see how far he could push the visual envelope. The result is the new Tonic lens which is a massive step in front of what's currently available in the global market.

Quality glass lenses - The glass used to make the Tonic lens is of a very high grade and, without lead content much like a good quality camera lens. This keeps objects sharp and separated with no "haloing". At 1.8-mm thick they are also some of the lightest glass lenses around.

Optical correctness - Tonic Eyewear hits the mark of optical precision by "de-centreing" the lens blank before the grinding process begins. This puts your pupil right in the "focal centre" of the lens – not the "physical centre" of the lens. With zero eye strain you'll finish the day headache free and feeling good.

Photochromic lenses - This is the lens' ability to darken or lighten, depending on how much light is entering the glass. This feature keeps the visual light intensity steady and alleviates extreme fluctuations as the sun moves in and out of view.

Lens colour - Using specific quantities of yellow, green, amber/rose andcopper/brown, Tonic lens' colouration is something very special indeed. Nicknamed "Camo" this multi mix of light separating colours allow for the best of everything you need on the water or on the road. Colours are pin sharp and accurate right down the line with exceptional colour retention.

Cool frames - Tonic still wants you to look the part so they kick it with some spunky style frames that will make you feel cool and smooth - you'll be sipping cognac and listening to Al Green in no time!

I really can't tell you in enough words what these sunnies will do for your days in the great outdoors – you really have to put them on and see for yourself. Tonic Eyewear and the Camo lens are the future of sunglasses – and they will take you with them.

More info: www.toniceyewear.com.au.

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