IN a great win for fishers in Esperance, WA, the tender has been announced to build a new "you-beaut" fishing jetty.

As many as 450 boats from more than 50 exhibitors located across Queensland and beyond will fill the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre as the Brisbane Boat Show opens for 3 days from August 23, 2019.

ONE of the satellite tags deployed on a swordfish in the Bass Canyon, Victoria, has been recovered and provided some interesting data.

Rec anglers in WA have been instrumental in protecting pink snapper stocks.

RECREATIONAL, charter and commercial fishers are invited to donate pearl perch fish frames as part of a study into better understanding the species’ spawning habits.

THE first wave of free boat ramps in Victoria have been announced this week and more are on the way.

FISHCARE Victoria Inc is currently seeking a full-time Project Facilitator within the Port Phillip Bay region.

NSW DPI's popular Research Angler Program (RAP) has revealed some interesting age differences between various big mulloway.

THE Sydney International Boat Show commences this week (Thursday, August 1) at International Convention Centre Sydney and Cockle Bay Marina at Darling Harbour. Doors open at 10 am.

RECREATIONAL fishers have been doing a fantastic job tagging mulloway across Victoria, with 450 fish now tagged as part of the Victoria Mulloway Tagging Project...and the Glenelg River is a hotspot.

NSW DPI's long running, popular and successful Fishcare Volunteer Program is seeking enthusiastic people keen to help teach the next generation about the importance of our aquatic environment, and how it links to sustainable recreational fishing.

FISHO's own Dr Ben Diggles discusses why older 2-stroke outboards are no good for your health or the environment.

FOLLOWING on from the successful loading of the instream egg incubators at Snobs Creek last week, the incubators have now been deployed.

THE Sydney International Boat Show opens next week, August 1 to 5, at the International Convention Centre and Cockle Bay Darling Harbour.

A FRESHWATER crocodile has been found in the Murray River near the New South Wales-Victoria border, thousands of kilometres south of home.