THE inaugural round of applications under the Aboriginal Fishing Trust Fund is now open.

WELL known Fisho contributor, David Green, was last week recognised for his services to the community with a Medal of the Order of Australia.

THE Victorian Freshwater Fisheries Management Plan is now open for public comment.

OFFSHORE kingfish pens near Port Stephens have been damaged, resulting in the escape of fish and a temporary closure in that area

JUST before Christmas, Fisho reader Daniel Brown caught a bass in the Hawkesbury system of NSW that was golden in colour. Dr Ben Diggles explains that it is a xanthochromic fish.

THE Bureau of Meteorology wants to know what type of weather information is most important to anglers. Take this quick survey and let them know.

JOHN Cahill landed this 31 kg Southern bluefin tuna inside Western Port this week. Check out the pics and video!

MINISTER for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey recently launched the State Government’s Maritime Safety Plan to minimise trauma and promote safety on NSW waterways.

A MONSTER Chinook salmon approaching a metre in length was recently caught at Lake Bullen Merri, Victoria.

THE Fisheries Research and Development Corporation's Fish Names Committee is inviting feedback from interested stakeholders, including recreational anglers, regarding 20 proposed amendments to the Australian Fish Names Standard.

THE very talented fishing artist Trevor Hawkins is holding his first solo art exhibition at Saladin Lodge, Narbethong, Victoria, on April 14.

THERE are now five fish aggregating devices for anglers to try out on the artificial reef off Torquay, Victoria.

GLORY Boats are specialised coffins for the dedicated but deceased outdoorsman.

BONEFISH have been successfully spawned in captivity for the first time.

PEACOCK bass, a highly invasive pest fish species, have reportedly been caught at Dumbleton Weir on the Pioneer River in Mackay, Queensland.