Berkley Gulp! Gel review

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BERKLEY Gulp! has been around for many years and helped drive the soft plastic revolution in this country. Besides offering a large range of innovative styles and sizes – Gulp! carries a deadly scent – one that really works. The scent was developed in the US by Berkley chemist John Prochnow. It was tested in the lab and in the field (around the world) on various surfaces, different species, and all types of environments.

The good news is Berkley has just released its Gulp! Gel. The rub-on-scent available in a tube works on the fish’s olfactory system (taste and smell) and allows for an easy application to all dry surfaces. The boffins at Berkley say it also sticks to wet surfaces (re-applying), but dry is best if suitable.

Is it the same as Gulp! plastics? The short answer is yes! The attractants used are mush the same with the scent dispersing in water so the fish can detect the baits by taste and smell.

Berkley recommends rubbing the scent on connection points such as split rings and the underside of hardbody lures. They also suggest re-applying regularly.

I’ve been using the Gel over the past month or so on several salt and freshwater trips and can vouch for its effectiveness. I’ve used the Gulp! plastics for years and after catching everything from bream, flathead, estuary perch to trout and bass using the Gel, there’s no doubt it’s equally effective.

I’ve been using it on soft plastic and hard bodies; practically any lure I’m throwing at fish will be smothered in Gulp! Gel. As Berkley suggests, I found it does need re-applying, so it’s best to keep the tube handy at the top of your tackle bag.

For its convenience and proven effectiveness, the new Berkley Gulp! Gel has quickly become an essential item in my bag.

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