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THE FG knot is an incredibly strong tension knot designed to connect polyethylene mainline to both fluorocarbon and nylon leader.

Thanks to its slim profile, the FG knot has been revolutionary for modern finesse and heavy tackle fishing techniques. The drawback of the FG knot is the tying process. It can be a difficult and time consuming knot to tie.

The FG Wizz has been designed by keen Australian angler Ray Fewell to make tying the FG knot simple and easy.


The FG Wizz is made in Australia and uses flexible stems that keep tension on your braid mainline, allowing both hands to concentrate on weaving the leader across the braid. This results in a uniform and tight cross-wrap.


The FG Wizz is particularly useful for connecting lighter braid mainline to light leader material - which can be challenging to tie - as it allows both hands to control the cross wrapping. The FG Wizz also ensures there is tension on the braid mainline throughout the cross wrapping process, vital in making the FG knot "bite" into the leader.


Heavy braids and leaders draw the flexible stems together faster than lighter lines. When this occurs, simply hold the unfinished knot between the thumb and forefinger and twist the bobbin tops to release more braid. Then continue to wrap the knot.

The FG Wizz is a simple and innovative solution to make tying the FG knot easy.

For more information: www.fgwizz.com.au

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