Oar-Gee lures review

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OAR-GEE lures has been around for over 30 years and is 100 per cent Australian owned. These lures were one of the first I started to use in my metamorphosing from land based game fishing to what I like to call my "grass roots" of bread & butter fishing.

The amount of quality bream I caught with little pink and purple Oar-Gee lures caught was, well, let’s just say heaps!

As is common with the tackle industry, there are new lures on the market nearly every week, and with that Oar-Gee appeared to get swamped by new trendy lures from all over the world and seemed to slip from popularity. Until now...

I was over the moon to see the new range of Oar-Gee lures and made some enquiries to get hold of several Lil Rippers.

All Oar-Gee lures are injection moulded with full stainless steel wire in the bib. They are also hand painted with an incredible finish. The business end of the lures have quality split rings with VMC hooks hanging off the end.

After the assembly they are all individually tank tested before packaging and sent to shops.

Check them out at oargeelures.com.au.


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