Pac Food Micro Channel Rolls review

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MY fridge and freezer is packed full of vacuumed sealed fish, meat and ready to warm up meals.

The recent COVID-19 restrictions on movement has meant even more time at home, less time at the shops, and the perfect opportunity to ready meals for future use.

If you're not familiar with the process, vacuum sealing uses a tough plastic bag to store food without any air. Air is bad for prolonging shelf life of food and the vacuum sealer literally sucks the air from the bag before heat sealing (melting) the bag together. What you're left with is a compact pack that can be refrigerated for longer and frozen for an extended length of time. How long exactly is debatable and all depends on the type of meat, the frequency of door openings on the freezer and a few other variables.

I've even been experimenting with vacuum sealing fish wrapped in paper towel. I learnt this from New Zealand guide Tony Orton. As the fish freezes, moisture makes its way into the paper towel. When you thaw the fish it's perfect to cook. It makes sense.

Vacuum sealing also eliminates freezer burn which you sometimes see with poorly packed meats.

Over the past few weeks I've used a full roll of Pac Food's Micro Channel Rolls and they've proven super tough and easy to use. They're also BPA free and safe. The rolls can be trimmed to size and sealed before filling with food, vacuumed and sealed. Micro channel rolls come in 3 widths (these are the outside measurements): 150mm, 220mm and 280mm, and as mentioned, I've been packing everything from fish, venison, chilli, pies and more.

If you keep fish, hunt your own meat or simply like properly preparing meals for the future, you should buy a vacuum sealer and use some of Pac Food's Micro Channel Rolls.

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