ABU released its revamped Revo spin range last year with five models covering all bases. The range spans across most price points from $219 up to about $360 for the smallest high-end MGX. For the past six months I’ve been using Abu’s Revo SX, one of the mid-priced models in the range, teamed up with a Abu Veritas 2.0 1-3 PE micro jig rod.

Micro jigging has been a popular form of sport fishing for a few years now and developments in tackle have followed suit. Without going into too much detail, most micro jig rods are lighter than conventional jig rods and have a slow or parabolic action. They’re mostly used with smaller jigs under 100 grams and often as low as 20 grams depending on species, depth and current.

I’ve owned a couple micro jig rods and used them occasionally for targeting some of our southern inshore species like salmon and small kingfish, while further north, I’ve had a ball chasing small reef fish like coral trout, emperor and baby trevally.

Since getting the Abu outfit, most of my efforts have been on chasing rat kings around sydney and chunky salmon which often share the same haunts. I also recently took the outfit north to Darwin where it was put to the test on a fair size bludger trevally.

Not only is catching fish on micro jig outfits incredibly fun because of their light nature and slow actions, it’s also very effective. I’ve been surprised how a rod, which feels more at home targeting whiting or bream, can subdue notoriously dirty fighters. The slow action of the rod really works against the fish, not the fisho, and it ensures hooks remain firmly embedded without any sudden jolts sometimes associated with faster action rods. There’s also no doubt using this “softly” approach works on stubborn fish that would otherwise fight hard against heavier tackle.

The Veritas 2.0, the smallest in this range, is 6 foot long and light to pick up. The white blank features a simple EVA grip and Titanium alloy guides with SiC inserts. It feels like a quality rod.

Using such light rods requires a reel with a smooth resilient reel. The Revo SX hasn’t missed a beat over the past six months. Its carbon drag remains smooth on long runs and the combination of eight stainless bearings ensures an overall smooth reel to operate. Overall it’s been a pleasure to use and will no doubt see plenty more action this summer!

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