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The YETI Panga Duffel 50.

US-BASED cooler company Yeti is best known for its robust range of coolers, and more recently, it's super useful Tumbler drinkware. Yeti is also making a name for itself for its range of useful outdoor accessories, including bags.

A couple of years back I bought one of the Yeti Panga waterproof bags in the smallest 50 size. Since then, I've given it a decent workout on camping trips, fishing trips, and interstate travel. The Panga is made from "Thickskin shell", a laminated, high-density nylon that is tough and almost impossible to pierce.

The bottom of the bag is even tougher, made from molded EVA, while inside there are a couple of stowaway mesh pockets. The Hydrolock zipper is fully waterproof and there are lash points around the bag for attaching things or moving the straps to different points. The straps themselves are designed to be either carried in the hand or on the back. I mostly carry it in the hand like a duffel bag, but it's a handy option to use it on the bag if you were using it to portage gear in a river or needed your hands free.

As mentioned above, the zipper is 100 per cent waterproof, and combined with the tough, high quality material and construction, I have total confidence in this bag to keep its contents dry in any scenario. I usually fill it with clothes and gear and throw it in the back of the ute before heading away camping or fishing. When I'm camping, I always leave it outside the tent, in any weather, and I never have to worry that what's inside will get wet.

The only thing I don't like about the Panga 50 is its size. It's perfect for overnight trips and can carry some gear for a quick fishing trip away. Yeti also sells a 75 and 100 size, so I recently decided to buy a Panga 100 as well. It wasn't cheap, but given the Pangas are bullet proof and the smaller 50 size is showing no signs of giving up, I figure it's good long term value. The larger size is more of a "take everything" bag. I can fit 3 or 4-piece travel rods, heaps of gear, clothes and more for multi day trips away. If I'm camping I'll shove everything inside and have the confidence it's safe and dry for the trip ahead.

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