Product reviews

THE Shimano 2020 Zodias 175HA blends a unique mix of rod characteristics that's hard to find!

CHRIS Cleaver tests out Berkley’s Japanese designed Skid Jig.

GUN angler Chris Cleaver puts the Berkley Shimma Big Red through its paces on some quality local snapper.

FISHO editor Scott Thomas tests out the new Penn Battle III spin reel.

CHRIS Cleaver tests out the new Berkley Powerbait 8-inch Jerkshad.

MOST fishos have used a can of Inox to prevent corrosion or fix a “stuck” moving part on a boat, trailer or fishing reel. It’s really useful stuff!

SCOTT Thomas reckons Pac Food's Micro Channel Rolls are tough, easy to use and keep frozen fish table-ready.

JOHN Newbery tests out some quality handmade blackfish floats.

MARK Frendin tests out the soft, lightweight Switchbait Sun Mask.

WILBUR tests out the new Samaki Redic hardbody.

KEVIN Savvas tests out the new Samaki C-12 V3 rod.

FISHING rod technology continues to evolve at an incredible rate. With the release of the Zing Extreme V2 rod series...

FISHO editor Scott Thomas gets hands-on with the new Abu Garcia Rayrex rods.

THE FG Wizz has been designed by keen Australian angler Ray Fewell to make tying the FG knot simple and easy.

WITH a change of season just around the corner and much of Australia experiencing torrential rain and floods, now is the perfect time to share my thoughts on a new pair of boots.

ICONIC Aussie brand Alvey has been making reels for the past 100 years with a loyal following spanning several generations.