Product reviews

I’VE been using Schneider’s Eight Carrier Super Smooth Braid for a few months in various breaking strains and across several fishing styles.

IT’S not often that a $129 rod blows you away in terms of performance and durability.

RECENTLY I was given a Caphat to test out for sun protection.

I SPENT a great deal of my early years barefoot, and fishing was no exception.

I RECENTLY tested a three piece fibreglass 4wt fly rod from relatively new inland fly rod builder Vale Creek Rod Works.

FISHOS are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to fishing line. With so many choices out there, it’s fantastic to see one of the best lines available belongs to an Australian company.

I’ve recently been using two knives from Giesser, an established German brand that’s been around since 1776. Looking at the company’s website and extensive list of knives, it’s pretty obvious they know how to craft a quality product!

I’VE recently had the opportunity to field test two new exciting ultraviolet (UV) colours that have been just added to the Samaki Vibelicious and Thumpertail soft vibe lure ranges.

THERE has been a lot of talk of late amongst fly anglers about “raising the glass” in regards to the use of fibreglass fly rods.

FRENCH-made Wichard knives are promoted primarily for sailing, kayaking, camping and hiking, and all feature highly corrosion resistant stainless steel blades and soft grippy handles.

OVER the past few months I’ve been using Schneider’s new Crystal Clear 100% Fluorocarbon Leader.

MY first impressions of the Storm Arashi 25 deep were that these lures definitely had what it takes to catch fish.

PLATYPUS Platinum Braid has been on the Australian market for quite a few years now but the guys at Platypus decided to upgrade it with several new features that have made it even better.

WELL respected European brand, Savage Gear, is releasing a new range of lures through BCF stores.

THESE lures are not something that you will buy off the shelf at most stores.