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Alex Ciccozzi explains how to set up and operate a new sounder.

SYDNEY is a big city with a big population of keen fishos. Each week, thousands of these fishos hit the water in search of a diverse range of species and angling opportunities.

CATCH and release fishing is an increasingly popular practice among many anglers...

TROLLING may not be the most popular method of fishing, but as Greeny explains, with a little understanding, it’s highly effective.

NO crew? No problem. Experienced game fishos are successfully, and safely, targeting offshore gamefish solo. 

THE Cocos (Keeling) Islands is an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, allowing Aussies to access a long list of exotic species on home soil.

TARGETING crabs in creeks and estuaries is a fun way of finding a feed over the warmer months.

IF catching quality bass is your end game, it pays to have a plan that embraces the essentials.

WHAT is a premium fish? According to Nathan, it’s more of a seafood marketing term, and as rec fishos, we have a greater choice to decide what ends up on our table...

LONGTAIL tuna are a fast, powerful fish found along the warmer inshore East Coast waters, a perfect target for spinning from the stones.

DAVE Rae explains why vibes are a versatile lure type, suited to a long list of fish species and fishing styles.

ALEX CICOZZI reveals some advanced techniques for sending live baits to extra large kingfish.

WITH the use of polyethylene braided line (or braid for short) now commonplace for almost all types of fishing, using the right leader material has never been more important!

AVOID the queues and try sourcing your own fish for the table. The cooler months are the perfect time to catch an abundance of species and it's easier than you think.

LATE summer and autumn offers East Coast anglers ample opportunity for chasing an assortment of tasty offshore species.

IN this article we highlight the trends in bream lure fishing that have become established and reliable options that everyone can use.