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LIGHT tackle and small lures is a recipe for fun along the rock platforms and breakwalls!

GLIDEBAITS can produce bites from flathead when other lures won't.

LEARN how to reduce the amount of fish you keep by minimising waste when processing your catch.

AUSTRALIAN salmon are a fun fish to target in the surf over the cooler months and can be found around much of Southern Australia's coastline.

NSW DPI Fisheries goes into detail on the process of tagging fish for its Game Fish Tagging Program and why its so important to do it correctly.

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NSW DPI Fisheries explains what fish tagging is and how its Game Fish Tagging Program works.

CHRIS Cleaver reveals some modern "bottom bashing" tactics for species like snapper, jewies, pearl perch and teraglin.

COLLECTING your own bait is cost effective and fresh, meaning you save money and catch more fish.

IDENTIFYING some marlin species can be difficult, especially at a distance. Check out this guide from the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) showing distinguishing morphological traits of the black, striped, blue and white marlin.

LOOKING after your gear extends its life and saves you money.

THE Riverina region of southern NSW offers a true Aussie experience for chasing natives.

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