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MICK Fletoridis offers some tips on getting your boat in the water efficiently and safely.  

THIS small dam south west of Toowoomba in Queensland offers fishos a productive location for targeting feisty golden perch. 

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TARGETING squid successfully involves having a good understanding of the inner workings of a squid jig.

COFFIN Bay in South Australia is one of the state's top fishing destinations with a wide variety of species on tap. 

Ian "Big E" Phillips returned from a lap around Australia only to turn around, point the 4WD north, and drive back to Kakadu for an adventure of a lifetime.  

DAVID Green spills the beans on a new technique that’s revolutionising the way big flatties are targeted in shallow water.

FULLY understanding sea surface temperature charts is an essential skill for the keen game fisher.   

PATRICK Linehan sings the praises of Norfolk Island as a premier destination for keen Aussie Sportfishers.

MARK Frendin focuses on the basics of estuary fishing, with the aim of helping the new or inexperienced angler get started in these highly productive waterways.

DAVE Rae imparts some good advice for anglers chasing mangrove jacks in NSW.

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KEVIN Savvas says that vibes make it easier than any other lure for anglers to catch jewies on. Find out how!

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MARK Frendin takes us back to basics and explains everything you need to know before purchasing your next rod.