New products

Sharkbanz says its patented magnetic technology is the result of long term, ongoing scientific studies and testing.

BUILDING upon previous generations of the Sephia BB reel family, the new model is built lighter and tougher.

YOU have spent good money on quality bait, so why not keep it in optimum condition and get more bites!

CRACKERJACK Lures says its Zenetic crankbait is the ultimate all rounder.

A 10X Tough ElaZtech jerkbait profile, the ZMan 6 inch DarterZ features a slender profile and forked tail that mimics garfish and other slender baitfish.

THE Berkley Pro-Tech Bender is a unique lure that can be easily controlled with a combination of rod tip height and retrieve speed to make it...

THOUGHT you couldn't have a backpack tough enough to go from the train to the trail or that out of the way fishing spot? Think again.

TAKING finesse spinning to the next level is the new Exsence that features Shimano’s best reel technologies, all in a super lightweight frame.

SENSITIVITY or strength? Affordable price or top-notch performance? Abu Garcia says you can have it all with the new Veritas!

EXTENDING the existing OCEA Jigger range, this specialist large capacity 4000-sized reel is designed for deep offshore jigging and packs 18kg of drag power.

THE Olight M2R Pro Ocean Camouflage is the newest version of Olight's two-button straight tactical flashlights.

ATOMIC has released a new model in its Hardz popper range.

SHIMANO says its newly designed Coltsniper BB rods will ensure that you are never undergunned when fishing landbased.

ZMAN says overwhelming demand has seen the addition of the ZMan 3.5 inch Pro CrawZ.

BORN from developments in materials, machinery and line coatings, Platypus is proud to bring you the new Pulse X4 and Pulse X8 braided lines.

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